7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

Granted, the first few days of monsoon in India are a welcome respite from the blazing heat. It’s the time to set out on road trips, if only to have a cup of tea and piping hot bhajis somewhere in the unknown. But the constant rains can also put a damper on your plans and now you’re awaiting the winters. However, there’s something you need to put up with: the October heat!

Whether it's to get away from the mundane life or to calm down the heat and the irritation, we could always use a relaxing trip during the harsh October heat. So here are 7 hill stations in India that you must visit to beat the sweltering October heat!

7 Hill Stations In India To Beat The October Heat

  1. Shillong, Megahlaya
  2. Spiti, Himachal Pradesh
  3. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh
  4. Wayanad, Kerala
  5. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  6. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
  7. Nainital, Uttarakhand

1.Shillong, Meghalaya

Home to numerous beautiful waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes, Shillong is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

Shillong is synonymous with the pictures of waterfalls rolling down from the mountains on the side of the road, beautiful pine tree forests, beautiful blankets of flowers, hills covered under lush greenery, and beautiful rivers. Driving down the roads of Shillong in itself becomes a revitalizing experience. You can not take your eyes off of the beautiful scenic turns of the road ahead, disappearing into the beautiful trees and the clear blue skies. Shillong embodies poetry in all its being.

6 Best Places To Visit In India During Monsoon,7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

You should take your time getting to know the lakes of this beautiful place. Umiam Lake, located in Nongpoh, is one such place, where you can sit back and relax on a calming boat ride. You can also spend some time fishing in Umiam Lake, which shelters many types of rare as well as common fish.

If you're more of an adventure head, plan a trek into the beautiful, mesmerizing trails of Shillong. One can experience calmness and peace the way he's never had before while walking through the beautiful trails of these lush green hills. Ride to Shillong Peak, the highest point in Meghalaya, and get to witness the breathtakingly beautiful city, all fit in a single frame.

Let this beautiful city unfold before your eyes just like a flower blooms, steady and slow. Experience the essence of this beautiful place to the core and beyond. You’ll never want to leave once you reach the place.

Nearest Airport: Shillong Airport (30 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Guwahati (105 km)

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2.Spiti, Himachal Pradesh

Often called the 'Little Tibet', Spiti has gained popularity in recent years amongst travelers for its beautiful, captivating hills, lush green forests, clear skies, mystic valleys, Buddhist monasteries, and the free-running rivers.

Heaven on earth is perhaps a term made to describe what Spiti exactly is. It has something to offer to everyone who visits. If you're up for an adventure, go river rafting in the Spiti and Pin rivers. If you’re a passionate spectator, visit the beautiful Pin Valley National Park and let your eyes soak in the mesmerizing beauty of flora and fauna. If you want to calm down your soul, mind, and body, visit the peaceful Buddhist monasteries and meditate your worries away.

Take a night or two to camp on the side of beautiful lakes. Chandratal Lake is one such popular spot for camping, situated at an altitude of 4,300 meters in the lap of the Himalayas. This beautiful Lake is very popular amongst tourists for its clear blue water and beautiful surroundings.

If you're all about that adrenaline rush, visit the Baralacha Pass. Popular for being one of the most difficult and dangerous spots for trekking and biking, Baralacha Pass is a thrill-filled experience for those of you who live for adventure.

Spiti Valley is a blissful place to visit. No matter what you’re going through, this beautiful piece of land will make you forget about all your worries and give you a break from the mundane life that you've always deserved.

Nearest Airport: Shimla Airport (341 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Shimla (341 km)

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Top 7 Things To Do In Himachal,Best Road Trips To Take During Monsoon In India, 7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

3.Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Set atop 1,100 meters, sitting in the countryside of Madhya Pradesh, and often called 'Satpura Ki Rani' and rightfully so! This Queen of The Satpuras is an unmissable blend of religion, adventure, nature, serenity, calmness, and beauty.

Start your day by riding through the Handi Khoh. The deepest ravine in Madhya Pradesh offers a beautiful view of the Satpura Range. You can also enjoy your day with an ATV ride through the forest of Handi Khoh.

Are you a history and culture enthusiast? If yes, you should visit the Pandava Caves. A cluster of 5 sandstone caves with several fine carvings adding beauty to it. These 5 caves carry mythological significance and the name of the Pandava brothers. Try to reach early in the morning or right before the sunset to catch a mesmerizing view of the caves.

Satpura Adventure Club is just the place for the adventurer in you! Offering many land, water, and air activities, parasailing is one of the activities you shouldn't miss out on. A view of the beautiful Satpura river lacing its way through the beautiful valleys and the lush green forest is a view to live for!

If you want to unravel all your worries and fall in love with new places, the hill station of Pachmarhi is the right place to start from.

Nearest Airport: Raja Bhoj Airport (144 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Pipariya (50 km)

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10 Things To Do In Pachmarhi For An Awesome Holiday,7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

4.Wayanad, Kerala

Located at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level, Wayanad is a little piece of heaven set high on the Western Ghats.

Wayanad has become a tourist attraction for its beautiful collection of picturesque views and scenic spots. Rich with the aroma of fresh spices, wildlife, waterfalls, caves, and beautiful homestays, Wayanad is the perfect mix of calmness and excitement.

Kick off your trip by visiting the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, get acquainted with the beautiful elephants. Spread over an area of 344 sq km, this wildlife sanctuary is home to tigers, panthers, peacocks, elephants, and many species of birds. After befriending elephants at the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, travel your way up to the Kuruva Island to treat the explorer in you with bamboo rafting. Spread over an area of 950 acres, Kuruva Island consists of three beautiful islands in the middle of the Kabini River in Wayanad.

Take some time off to visit the beautiful Nilima View Point to soak in the beauty of the mist-covered trees and lush green hills. Treat the camper in you by spending a night or two on the side of beautiful lakes and amid the lush green, verdant hills of Wayanad. Wake up to the mesmerizing view of the misty sky and the aroma of spices and lush green vegetation and fall asleep after spending an hour or two stargazing with your loved ones.

Visiting Wayanad in October will help you melt your worries away and tuck them inside the verdant hills, far far away from you.

Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport (86 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode (98 km)

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wayanad, treehouse in wayanad, glamping in south india during covid,7 Things To Do In Wayanad, 7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

5.Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla has a lot to offer. From snow-clad hills and mountains to golden sunsets and skating on natural ice. A trip to Shimla in October might help you reset your natural clock and unwind all your worries of this heated season!

The roads of Shimla are in the truest sense the place where the journey begins. The beautifully curved roads disappearing and reappearing through the deep green forest on either side, the sunlight peeking through the thick green trees make it seem as though you are entering into a Windows XP default wallpaper.

Start your day with a misty, beautiful sunrise. It's always refreshing witnessing the hues of the morning make their way to you. Then take some time to walk down memory lane by riding the Shimla Toy Train and treat the child in you, the way it deserves to be treated. This is a 100-year-old UNESCO World Heritage icon that you shouldn't miss out on.

After you're done riding the toy train, you can go explore Shimla Ridge. They say every city has one particular place which gives out the essence of the whole city. Shimla Ridge is just the place for you if you want to visit the old and the new at the same time. Filled with colonial-era buildings, Gothic architecture, bars, boutiques, shops, and cafés, this is the Times Square of Shimla.

You should take a stroll through the Lakkar Bazaar to shop for some beautiful souvenirs. Popular for its carved wooden toys and curios, and its tasty, delicious snacks, this is a prime spot for shopping for some things and memories you can take back home.

Shimla is so much more than just snow; everything about Shimla is worth exploring, the food, the culture, the people, the places, nature. You might find any amount of time spent here simply not enough!

Nearest Airport: Shimla Airport (23 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Kalka (15 km)

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Traveling to Shimla During Covid,7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

6.Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Situated at an altitude of 7,000 ft above sea level, the hill station of Kodaikanal has gained popularity amongst travelers for its mesmerizing beauty and dumbfounding views. Often called the 'Princess Of Hill Stations', a rightfully earned name, this is the best place to unwind yourself in the lap of nature. Whether it's for the delicious food, picturesque views, calming air or the captivating atmosphere, Kodaikanal is worth visiting for any given reason.

Kick off your journey by witnessing a beautiful sunrise by the side of the Kodaikanal Lake. One of the most popular sightseeing spots among tourists, the lake offers a captivating view of the beautiful clear blue water and sky, with the hues of the fresh sun; this becomes an experience that shouldn't be missed out on. Take some time out to enjoy a boat ride here, you wouldn't be sorry.

Set off towards the top of the Pillar Rocks Viewpoint to get a mesmerizing view of the lush green hills against the backdrop of blue sky. Spend some of your time bathing under the waterfalls, in particular the Bear Shola Falls, which is one of the most popular waterfalls in Kodaikanal.

Nearest Airport: Madurai Airport (120 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Kodaikanal Road (100 km)

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6 Best Road Trips From Chennai,7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat

7.Nainital, Uttarakhand

Nestled in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Nainital is a beautiful hill station to visit in October, thanks to its scenic views and beautiful places.

Start your trip by capturing a beautiful sunrise from the Tiffin Top Viewpoint. Then take a boat ride at Naini Lake. After this, stroll through the Tibetan market to shop for some beautiful souvenirs from the local shops. The market offers you a rich collection of beautiful and unique artifacts made by the locals. After this, you can visit Mall Road, famous for its beautiful collection of various candles of different shapes and sizes. A trip here will surely lighten up your day.

Move some things around and take some time to enjoy the Nainital Ropeway. The Ropeway will take you to small peaks in Nainital and give a bird's eye view of the hill station. Visit the Pangot And Kilbury Bird Sanctuary to spend an afternoon admiring the beautiful Fauna. You can spot some rare species of birds and animals here. Later, you can visit the Corbett National Park and if you're lucky, you may also spot a tiger there.

Don't miss out on visiting the Raj Bhavan, the Buckingham Palace of Nainital. The Mansion contains around 113 rooms but the visitors aren't allowed inside. The sight of this beautiful piece of architecture is worth experiencing.

Nainital is full of excitement and there are many more places to explore. So pack up your bags and hit the road.

Nearest Airport: Pantnagar Airport (65 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Kathgodam (34 km)

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traveling to uttarakhand during covid, uttarakhand,,Top 7 Things To Do In Uttarakhand,7 Hill Stations In India Where You Can Beat The October Heat


There’s no denying that the October heat is something that can be quite unbearable. But considering there are so many hill stations in India that you can visit, why would you not want to pack your bags and set out?


When Does It Start Snowing In Shimla?

It starts snowing in Shimla from the end of December and onwards.

How Many Days Are Enough To Visit A Hill Station?

To visit the main, popular places, a two days or three days trip would suffice. But if you want to explore the hill station more, a period of 5 to 6 days will be comfortable.

What Things Should One Carry While Visiting A Hill Station?

Here’s a list of things you must carry when visiting a hill station: 

  • Sweater
  • Good shoes or winter boot
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Napkins
  • Medicines
  • Skincare lotions
  • Dry foods like chocolates or candies
  • Thermal water bottle
  • Cash (because online payments may not always be available)
  • Power banks
  • Dry shampoo
  • Hand sanitizers

Which Is The No 1 Hill Station In India?

The best hill station in India are.

  • Sikkim
  • Jammu & Kashmir.

Which Hill Station Is Called The Queen Of Hills?

Tamil Nadu has beautiful places that attracts the tourists, but the Queen of Hills who is the show stealer is Ooty.

Who Is The King Of Hill Station?

Now that there is a queen of hills there is also a King of Hills which is Mahabaleshwar Hill Station because what is a queen without her King.

Which Country Has Most Hill Station?

The country that has the most number of hill stations is India.

Which Hill Stations Is Best In October?

The best hill stations to visit in October are.

  • Auli, Uttarakhand
  • Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
  • Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  • Shillong, Meghalaya
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