6 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

A solo trip is on everyone’s wishlist. However, more often than not, women find themselves contemplating if a solo trip is safe. You’re probably concerned about not knowing all the facts before embarking on your momentous journey. So let’s put those doubts to bed by sharing safety tips to make sure you’re not putting your trip to rest.

Essential Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

  1. Spend Time Researching Your Accommodation
  2. Consider Going On Bicycle Or Walking Tours
  3. Try Planning Your Daily Expeditions In Daylight
  4. Secure Your Identity, Cash, Or Cards
  5. Don't Be Afraid To Politely Decline
  6. Pick Destinations Frequented By Tourists

1. Spend Time Researching Your Accommodation

One of the most important things to put your time into before your trip even begins is finding the right accommodation. You can choose to stay in hostels where you can have the company of other fellow travelers. Most hostels also have the option of a female-only dormitory and if you book well in advance, you can have a shot at reserving it. When you look for your accommodation, ensure it's centrally located and you’re earshot away from lively places to eat and fun sites to explore. 

You can also explore the option of staying in homestays. In a homestay, you will be accommodated in a family home. You get a chance to interact with the owners who usually tend to be locals and know the area well. If you don’t like being alone when you travel solo, both hostels and homestays are great choices.

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6 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

2. Consider Going On Bicycle Or Walking Tours

One way to ensure you’re able to safely explore a place and aren’t all alone is to join organized tours. It can be an exciting adventure because you don’t need to plan it. So if you’re running short on time in planning your itinerary, you can join a walking or bicycle tour in the destination.

Don’t worry you can still have your sense of freedom and break away from the group after the tour is over. You can also ask the tour guide for insider tips on the best local eateries,  other things to see, and places to avoid too.

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6 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

3. Try Planning Your Daily Expeditions In Daylight

To be on the safe side you might want to stick to exploring in the daylight. If you have to travel at night, it's better to not wander off alone and stay in close proximity to crowded areas. Chances are many shops and restaurants close as well so things can easily seem isolated once it's night.

There are also many perks to exploring in the daylight which is you get great clear pictures for your gram! Also, most touristy places like museums, art galleries,  beaches, and shopping hubs don’t always remain open till late at night. So to make the most of your time and get feasible commute options, exploring in the daylight is perfect!

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6 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

4. Secure Your Identity, Cash, Or Cards

This safety tip might seem a bit obvious but it’s not to be taken lightly. When you travel alone you will have to be extra careful about not leaving your bag unattended at any time. If you like you can get a fanny pack so your card, identity cards, and cash is on you.

Be careful to also always take a quick glance at a restaurant or vehicle you were in to ensure you’re not leaving your wallet or phone behind. In terms of cash, avoid keeping all the cash you withdrew in one place. When you go out in public spaces, it’s better to have spare change so you’re not showing all the big bills you have in public too.

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6 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Politely Decline

At times when you travel alone, you might want to seem friendly and open to new experiences. But don’t feel the need to always say yes or be polite to people you meet. You can be stern with a cab driver, hawker selling you something or a fellow traveler that’s trying to take you out. You don’t always have to smile and be nice about it but there could be times when you have to muster the courage to say decline. Also, if your gut feeling tells you to say no to something, it’s best to trust your own instincts.

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6 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

6. Pick Destinations Frequented By Tourists

When you’re taking a solo trip for the first time then it is better to pick a destination that is less offbeat. An off-the-beaten-track trip might seem more complex than it and you might want to save that kind of trip for when you’re a seasoned traveler. Start by choosing destinations closer to home and places you’re familiar with. You can then slowly level up to visit more destinations that are more challenging for you.

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Some Of The Obvious But Not So Obvious Safety Tips

  • Drink responsibly and ensure your glass is in sight. 
  • Avoid sharing your travel itinerary with people you meet on the trip.
  • Dress in a way that helps you blend in with the crowd and not stand out.
  • Carry your portable charger so your phone is never running out of juice.
  • Consider having pepper spray in your essentials bag.
  • Educate yourself on the destination, its cultures, and customs.
  • Don’t accept a meal or drink from others.
  • Be wary of your surroundings.
  • Keep helpline numbers handy.

Summing Up

Solo traveling is fun and it might push you out of your comfort zone but it can truly be exhilarating. So don’t let the fear of traveling alone cause a setback in your travel plans. Instead, keep these bits of advice with you, be confident in your plans, and have a safe journey!


Is Solo Safe For Women Travellers?

Women travelers should embark on a solo trip, however intimidating it may feel. A solo trip can be safe but you have to prepare and plan a lot in advance for it. 

Where Is The Safest Place For Women To Travel Alone?

There are many places in India where a solo woman traveler can travel safely. Sikkim, Kasol, Pondicherry, Mysore, Hampi, Shillong, and many more. 

Does Solo Travel Get Lonely?

Solo traveling can get lonely but you can always engage in guided group tours, stay in hostels, and make new travel companions to enjoy the journey with. 

Can You Solo Travel As A Woman?

Absolutely yes, as a woman you can travel solo to different places, towns, cities, and countries.  

Which Is The Best Adult Solo Trip Location In India?

Shimla, Udaipur, Goa, and Pondicherry are a few locations in India where adults can go solo traveling.

Is it Safe For A Girl To Travel Alone In Goa?

Yes, indeed! Goa is one of the safest locations for solo traveling and especially for all female solo travelers.

How Do I Find A Female Travel Companion?

You can find a traveling companion specifically if you are looking for a female traveler while on your to the destination, or from a common friend, or in that case any app. 

Where Can I Meet Solo Travelers?

Couchsurfing, Meetup, Internations, WWOOF, and Bumble BFF are a few websites where you can meet solo travelers and get in conversation with them.