6 Exciting Places To Visit In Vagamon For A Fun-Filled Holiday

6 Exciting Places To Visit In Vagamon

Secluded away in God’s Own Country, the sleepy hill station of Vagamon beckons travelers to surrender themselves to the soothing rhythms of nature. Undoubtedly, Vagamon calls out to the hearts of all solace-seekers. Nestled on the Idukki-Kottayam border, the entire hill station is enveloped in a mystical vibe. The playful breeze, unending verdant grasslands, rocky topography, enticing pine forests, lush meadows, gushing waterfalls, and the rolling hills drowned in fog captivates all the tourists.

In spite of being relatively secluded, one can easily reach Vagamon by driving across the scenic roads and enjoying the diverse range of natural vistas throughout the route. Although booking a place deep inside the woodlands of Vagamon and relaxing for a couple of days might seem like an appealing thing to do, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on the few amazing sites that are scattered across the town. Confused about how to go about sightseeing in Vagamon? Let us make it simple for you with our picks of 6 exciting places to visit in Vagamon.

Pattumala Church

Draped in the silky green hills of Peermadu, Pattumala Church attracts all those who wish to find themselves in a tranquil and spiritual setting. Famed to be one of the prettiest Roman Catholic churches, the architectural beauty of the structure is enhanced by the picturesque scenery that surrounds it. This visually delightful location soothes your mind and heart and helps you find peace within yourself.

Pattumala literally translates to ‘hill covered in silk’. Although the church derives its name from the fact that the Europeans grew silkworms here, the name does justice to the location of the church. Perched at an elevation, this church offers a blissful view of its mesmerizing surroundings. The rolling hills engulfed in thick mist, babbling brooks strew across the landscape, lush green tea plantations, and vibrant flower beds adorn this scenic location. Pattumala Church is a perfect location to escape from the busy city life.

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Exciting Places To Visit In Vagamon

Vagamon Pine Forest

When you have an urge to become one with nature, Vagamon Pine Forest is where you head to. The Vagamon Pine Forest provides nature lovers with an opportunity to spend some lovely peaceful moments in a breathtakingly gorgeous natural setting. Visit at any point in the day, the pine forest looks as magnificent as ever. The beauty of the surroundings is magically enhanced when some playful rays of the sun seep into the enchanting woodlands through the tall trees. The sense of peace and tranquillity experienced here by visitors is unparalleled.

Situated at the borders of Western Ghats, the Vagamon Pine Forest enhances the beauty of the tropical landscape of Kerala. Let us tell you that it’s quite unusual to find a majestic pine forest like this one in a tropical paradise. A fun fact about this forest is that it is completely man-made. Created during the olden British times, the forest looms over a bewitchingly beautiful valley.

As the beautiful pine trees are scattered across the steep slopes of the mountain, this location is ideal for those who want to shoot movies. This forest is seldom crowded which is great news for those who hate crowds. Groups of friends, families, couples can enjoy lovely nature walks here and even find a great spot for having a picnic.

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Perched at a staggering height of 2,500 meters and located about 3 km away from the enchanting Vagamon Pine Forest is the holy site of Thangalpara. Not only is it one of the most popular Islamic pilgrimage sites in the Idukki district, but it is also famed for being one of the most picturesque locations in Vagamon.

Thangalpara rose to popularity as it is home to a particularly unusual rock formation that rests on the summit of Thanga Hill. Beside this rock is the tomb of the respected Sufi saint Sheikh Faraduddin who was originally from Afghanistan. It is believed that this saint used to reside in these rocky hills about 8 centuries ago and that’s where he took his last breath.

The rock formation is highly regarded by Islamic devotees as the respected saint is said to have used this rock for grinding paan (betel leaf). The rock used to be very small back then but since the death of the saint, the rock has grown massively in size. Thousands of devotees flock to Thangalpara each year to offer prayers to the Sufi saint and immerse themselves in the divinity of this site. Non-believers are welcome to visit this site as the surrounding landscape that’s dotted with verdant meadows, endless grasslands, and enticing forests, is simply awe-spiring.

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Exciting Places To Visit In Vagamon

Idukki Dam

Snuggled in a gorge between the majestic mountains of Kurathi Mala and Kuravan Mala, the Idukki Arch Dam is famous for being one of the highest dams in Asia. Built at a soaring height of over 167 meters, this architectural wonder offers a spectacular view of the rocky topography that surrounds the dam. This double curvature arch dam has been constructed across the mighty Periyar river and it ends up attracting thousands of visitors every year.

The massiveness of this dam ensures that you can catch a glimpse of this stunning construction between the granite hills from a long distance away. Not to mention the reservoir and the surroundings of the dam are some of the most blissful sights to behold. The tranquil waters of the reservoir, the emerald green landscape, the dense woodlands, the gushing waterfalls, and the abundance of flora and fauna decorate the landscape of the Idukki Dam.

Not only is this site perfect for photographers who want to capture nature at its best, but it is a great spot for families and friends to have a fun-filled picnic. One of the main attractions of this site is boating through the reservoir waters. The 3-hour long enthralling boat ride allows visitors to soak in the natural beauty and spot some rare species of birds as well as animals.

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Marmala Waterfalls

Hidden away in a private rubber estate just a short distance away from Erattupetta (Kottayam) is the enticing Marmala Waterfalls. Dubbed the ‘Enchantress of the Jungle’, this waterfall cascades from a height of 200 feet. The crystal-clear water plummeting from such a great height creates a mystical vibe around the waterfall. After descending from the majestic rocks, the sparkling water first collects in a pond (12 feet deep) and then flows downwards to join the Teekoy River.

Concealed amid the rolling hills, thick bushes, dense woodlands of magnificent timber trees, this location is rarely crowded. The waterfall can only be reached via a highly difficult trek route. The rocky terrain and the slippery roads are difficult to traverse because of which only proficient trekkers should go for this trek. Endowed with glistening, green landscapes, rich biodiversity, this place is the perfect magical getaway for stressed-out city dwellers. This picture-perfect location is certainly a delight for nature photographers and a challenge for those who love trekking.

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Exciting Places To Visit In Vagamon

Mundakayam Peak

Located about half an hour away from the sleepy hill station of Vagamon is the Mudakayam Ghat which is the epitome of natural beauty. Endowed with the ravishing views of the sunsets and sunrises, a constant chitter-chatter of the birds, mesmerizing valleys, and lush green landscapes, Mundakayam Ghat is one of the most popular Vagamon locations among tourists.

The fact that this entire scenery is engulfed in thick mist makes it a dreamland straight out of a fairy tale. Mundakayam Ghat also offers several enchanting trekking trails to adventure seekers. Although the ascent is a little bit challenging, the journey is incredibly scenic and the top view of the surrounding grasslands will blow your mind. Simply finding a picturesque spot in the Ghat and spending some alone time there will leave you completely refreshed and overjoyed.

Not to mention the fact that Mundakayam Ghat is most south-after by thrill-seekers as it is a paragliding hotspot. This region seats the Amruthamedu peak, which at a height of 1,392 meters, is the second-highest peak in the southern part of India. Not only professionals, but even beginners can indulge in exciting paragliding events organized here. The 10-km long ridge and the 3,000 feet deep valley will give you an unparalleled rush of adrenaline through your body. Do remember that September – March would be the best time to visit if the sole purpose of your trip is to paraglide in the Mundakayam Ghats.

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Is One Day Enough For Vagamon?

Although you can cover most of the main tourist attractions in Vagamon in 1 day, just remember that you will constantly feel rushed. As a result of this, you might not be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Visiting Vagamon for 2 days and 1 night would be a better idea instead as you will be able to cover most of the attractions and relax at the same time.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Vagamon?

Fortunately, Vagamon is blessed with great weather throughout the year. Summers (March-June) tends to be the best time to visit Vagamon. Summer temperatures in Vagamon range from 10°C to 25°C. Do note that it is best to avoid visiting Vagamon during the monsoons. Vagamon receives extremely heavy rains so you might not be able to visit all the attractive spots around this town during the monsoons.

What Is The Height Of Vagamon From Sea Level?

Vagamon is located at a height of 1,200 meters above sea level.

Is Vagamon Worth Visiting?

From majestic mountains, cascading waterfalls, gushing rivers, dense woodlands, to incredibly holy sites, Vagamon has it all. Visiting Vagamon is definitely worth it as you get a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hill station is studded with several picturesque and unexplored locations.

Which Is The Coolest Place In Kerala?

Here are some of the coolest and most popular holiday destinations in Kerala.

  • Thekkady
  • Munnar
  • Vagamon
  • Coorg
  • Ponmudi

In Which District Vagamon Is Situated?

This pretty hill station, Vagamon is situated in Kottayam District.

Which Place Is Known As Switzerland Of Kerala?

Vagamon is known as Switzerland of Kerala.

Is Vagamon Better Than Munnar?

Both Vagamon and Munnar offer alluring views but Vagamon is a good option as it can be covered in under 1 day and is a less visited place by tourists.