6 Best Luxury Hotels In Kochi

If you’re looking for your next travel destination, Kochi should be at the top of your list. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala that has the perfect combo of amazing food, culture, shopping spots, sightseeing, and natural beauty that you’ll fall in love with. 

When you plan a vacation to the port city of Kochi, you want to spend the most time with family and friends. You also want your stay to be hassle-free, luxurious, and comfortable, and a luxury hotel in the city can help with that. There are ample luxury hotels in Kochi that you can choose to live in during your vacation. Most of these hotels are located in and around the city and close to some of the popular tourist destinations. Let’s check out some of the best luxury hotels in Kochi that you can consider for your accommodation on your next visit.

Best Luxury Hotels In Kochi

  1. Taj Malabar Resort And Spa
  2. Le Meridien Hotel
  3. Crowne Plaza Hotel
  4. Trident Hotel 
  5. Holiday Inn
  6. Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

1. Taj Malabar Resort And Spa

When you think of a luxury stay in Kochi, Taj Malabar Resort and Spa is among the first names that come up. This hotel has modern amenities combined with its exotic heritage of the colonial era. The ambience is stunning with hints of colonial influence, making it one of the most unique hotels in Kochi. It's located on Willingdon Island and comes with a picturesque view of the backwaters. Almost all the rooms in Taj Malabar Resort and Spa have a stunning view that adds to its charm.

Taj Malabar Resort and Spa is ideal for families, friend groups, and couples who want to have a relaxing stay while admiring the natural beauty of Kochi. The rooms are comfortable and perfect for all. Other than a variety of guest rooms, they also have a number of dining options that you can choose from. They have some eccentric places for you to have a beautiful fine dining experience. Sunset at Jetty, Rice Boat, The Pavilion, Mattancherry Bar, and Pepper are just some of the fine dining places where you can enjoy any of your meals. 

Your stay at Taj Malabar Resort and Spa is made even more comfortable with all the additional amenities that are made available for you. These amenities can be availed by anyone and are added to your package at the time of booking itself. The outdoor pool, game room, and health club are amenities most used by large groups and families. But when it comes to couples and friend groups, services like spa treatment, yoga classes, sailing in luxury yachts, etc. are the most sought after. Regardless of how or whom you travel with, these amenities and services are available during your course of stay. So make sure you have some spare time to relax and experience all of these things when you stay at Taj Malabar Resort and Spa.

Getting To Taj Malabar Resort And Spa: Getting to Taj Malabar Resort and Spa is the most convenient from Cochin Harbour Terminus. It takes about 15 minutes by a local rickshaw or a cab. This hotel is about 1 hour away by a local taxi or a rickshaw from Cochin International Airport. But, you can also opt for the pick-up and drop service that Taj Malabar Resort and Spa has to offer. This service comes at an additional cost, but is extremely convenient when you want to travel hassle-free. 

Rates For One Night: INR 23,010 onward.

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2. Le Meridien Hotel

Le Meridien is one of the most renowned 5-star hotels in Kochi and is a Marriott property. The best part about living in this hotel is that it's a few minutes away from Cochin International Airport and also close to many travel destinations that you’ll want to visit. This is why a lot of international travelers choose to stay in this hotel. Besides, it's located in the backwaters area of Kochi and has a breathtaking view.

You’ll not fall short of things to do and explore when staying in Le Meridien Hotel. It has a variety of amenities that you can explore while you stay there. You can have a chill time at the poolside or have endless fun in the game room. At Le Meridien Hotel, you don't need to miss your daily workout as they do have a fitness center with all the amenities you’d need. Besides, they also have Exclusive Staycation, Endless Summers, and Sunday Brunch packages that you can book and have a luxurious experience for yourself. 

When it comes to the dining experience, Le Meridien has some of the best places for you to pick from. Ember - The Northindian Restaurant, Latest Recipe, Car-Go Bites, and Marriott On Wheels by Le Meridien are the best dining places in this luxury hotel. Other than Ember - The Northindian Restaurant, all other dining places offer international cuisine. So, get yourself a table reservation and enjoy your meals at any of these fine dining restaurants. 

Getting To Le Meridien Hotel: Le Meridien Hotel is just 20 minutes walking distance from Cochin International Airport. If you hop on a bus, hire a cab or a rental, it will barely take you 10 minutes to get to this hotel. So, you can just get to the airport and then decide what mode of transportation suits you best.

Rates For One Night: INR 9,400 onward.

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3. Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel is one of the premium luxury hotels in Kochi. With the decor that gives off bougie vibes, this hotel offers a number of high-end amenities. It's located in the urban city area, just a few minutes away from Fort Kochi Beach. The hotel is also adequate for professionals as it has a number of conference rooms available. They offer airport shuttle services and additionally provide ample parking and transportation services as and when you need them. 

The reason why Crowne Plaza Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Kochi is that it offers several features that you can enjoy within the hotel itself. You can book a boat cruise in the evening for a romantic date or some family time and enjoy the serene view of the backwaters of Kerala. Other than that, Crowne Plaza Hotel also has a swimming pool, fitness center, business rooms and suites, and private dining rooms where you can have a great time during your stay. But, if you have to try out only one of Crowne Plaza Hotel’s services, it has to be their spa treatments at Sohum Spa.

Sohum Spa is one of the largest hotel spas in Kerala and also a very popular one for its services. This spa in itself is an experience of its own as it has an outdoor relaxation area with a calming garden and gorgeous water bodies. In addition, it has four therapy suites, three Ayurvedic therapies and treatments suites, a private relaxation lounge, and more.

Once you’ve enjoyed your time at all these places, you can enjoy wholesome meals at some of their cafes and restaurants. Mosaic, ConneXion Bar, Aroma Lounge, and Deli are the fine dining restaurants and bars that you can go to for some fancy food and drinks with your family or friends.

Getting To Crowne Plaza Hotel: This hotel is a bit far from Cochin International Airport and will take about an hour to reach. You can book a rental or hire a car from the airport itself to get you to your destination. That’s the easiest way to commute from the airport to Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Rates For One Night: INR 7,899 onward.

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4. Trident Hotel 

Trident Hotel is another hotel located on the Willingdon Island parts of Kochi. This hotel is best for those who want a peaceful and relaxing place to live at. The high-class amenities come with a serene and classic ambience. Trident Hotel is in close proximity to the Kochi Fort and other sightseeing spots within the vicinity.

You can devour some of the best food in the fine dining areas available in Trident. The Cochin Trader Bar, Travancore, The Seafood Grill, and The Patio are some of the best dining places that you must try out when staying in Trident. Trident Hotel is ideal for family vacations, couples retreats, friend groups, and also solo travelers. There is something for everyone in the hotel that makes your stay absolutely worth it. 

This cozy luxury hotel has inclusive services available for all including people with special needs. The Ayurveda center and fitness center are known for all the top-notch services they provide. Besides, they also have other amenities like a swimming pool, recreation pool, and spa treatment services, that you can avail of whenever you want. The conference rooms, meeting rooms, and banquet halls at Trident Hotel are also well known among businessmen and wedding planners. 

Getting To Trident Hotel: Trident Hotel is going to take you no longer than 20 minutes from Cochin International Airport. You can take a direct cab or a rental from the airport or you can even ask the hotel to provide you with pick-up and drop transportation services.

Rates For One Night: INR 5,499 onward.

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5. Holiday Inn

Hotel Inn Kochi is well known among the business community for its amenities, services, ambience, and accommodation. This hotel is located in the business hub of the city with services that are adequate for businessmen, families, and friend groups. It's among the best luxury hotels in Kochi that is usually always busy with business-related events and services. But, that doesn't mean that people with families or groups of friends can't have a luxurious stay at this hotel. Holiday Inn may be known for its business-related services, but its hospitality and amenities are top-notch for anyone who wants to visit. 

Whether you're going for a family vacation, a trip with friends, planning a romantic getaway, or hosting an official work event or conference, Holiday Inn Kochi is going to be your one-stop spot for all these occasions. From luggage storage, laundry, complimentary breakfast (on certain packages), 24-hour front desk services, wake-up call, foreign currency exchange, and more, this hotel has all the amenities that you’d need. 

Besides, you can have a fun day in the hotel itself without having to step out. They have an indoor pool for kids and an outdoor pool for adults along with a poolside bar. They also provide spa services where you can avail of body therapies, facials, Ayurveda treatments, body wraps, and body scrubs, along with other spa packages and treatments. Their fitness center is another place where you can get your daily dose of exercise. So you can avail of all these services and live luxuriously in Holiday Inn during your stay in Kochi.

Getting To Holiday Inn: This hotel is located in Chakkaraparambu Junction, Kochi, and is just a little over 19 kilometers away from Cochin International Airport. Getting to this hotel is convenient as it takes about 20 minutes and a bus, cab, uber, or a rental from the airport is easily available at any time of the day.

Rates For One Night: INR 5,020 onward.

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6. Grand Hyatt

Last but not least, we have Grand Hyatt on your list. It's one of the most popular luxury hotels in Kochi that's a must-visit. This hotel is located on the lush green Bolgatty Island in Kochi. It overlooks the backwaters of Vembanad Lake and gives you a luxurious experience as soon as you enter this place. The tall walls, dramatic landscapes, astounding architecture, and stunning art that is displayed at this hotel are going to make you want to live here forever. It feels as if you've walked into a museum of all things art and architecture. 

As much as the interiors of Grand Hyatt are appealing, the hospitality and service they provide are equally great. You’re made to feel comfortable and there are ample things for you to do here including admiring the architectural beauty of this place. They have amenities like Santata Spa where you can avail of all kinds of body spa treatments. The fitness center is for all the fitness freaks who can't miss a day in the gym and they also have pools, cafes, restaurants, and outdoor spaces that you can explore. 

The outdoor pool at Grand Hyatt overlooks Kochi’s serene backwaters and makes for the best place to relax. Plus, there is the popular pool bar right by the outdoor pool that's going to help you soak in the tropical sun while staying hydrated. This hotel also has an indoor pool that overlooks the lush greenery of Kochi where you can relax. Since the pool is indoors, you can enjoy pool time all year long with your family and friends.

Colony Clubhouse & Grill, Malabar Cafe, Grand Lounge, Pool Bar, and Thai Soul are the dining services available in Grand Hyatt. You can enjoy your evenings at these fine dining places and have a relaxing time savoring some of the delicacies of Kerala along with other cuisines. You're sure to love all of these restaurants as they are among the best places to have some of the most delicious food and amazing drinks in Kochi.

Getting To Grand Hyatt, Kochi Bolgatty: Grand Hyatt is located such that you get to explore all of Bolgatty Island and is also close to the Cochin International Airport. You can take a bus or a car from the airport to the hotel. Even with moderate traffic, it should not take more than 35 minutes for you to travel from the airport to Grand Hyatt.

Rates For One Night: INR 16,400 onward.

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Summing Up

Once you finalize your vacation, make sure to pick out one of the above-mentioned hotels for your stay. All of these are some of the best luxury hotels in Kochi that money can get you. Plus they are comfortable and provide some of the best services and amenities at the price range they come at. Your trip to Kochi will definitely be a memorable one with such a luxurious experience.


How Much Is A Luxury Hotel In Kochi During The Weekend? 

Kochi makes for the best weekend getaway spot that distracts you from the stressful city life. The average amount you’ll be paying for a weekend stay in a luxury hotel in Kochi ranges anywhere between INR 4,500 and INR 40,000 according to Booking.com.

What Are The Best Places To Stay In Kochi?

If you’re planning on a vacation in Kochi, you’ll have to hunt down a place to live in. Kochi has ample hotels that you can live in at luxury rates as well as on a budget. Some of the luxury hotels are Taj Malabar Resort and Spa, Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Le Meridien Hotel. Some of the affordable places are Reach Residency, Nambiars, Hotel Aiswarya, and ibis Kochi City Centre.

What Is Special In Fort Kochi?

There is a popular place called Vasco Da Gama square in Fort Kochi. It has these 10-meter-high installations in the sea that have been there for years. It's a popular tourist destination that you must visit on your next trip. 

Is Kochi Worth Visiting?

Kochi is known for its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, historical monuments, the blend of both ancient and modern architecture, and more. It's definitely a place worth visiting as there is so much for you to do and explore.

How Many Days Are Enough In Kochi?

If you want to explore all the important and popular destinations in Kochi, 4 days and 3 nights are more than enough. You can plan your days for sightseeing some touristy places in the city while also exploring food places. If you meticulously plan your itinerary,  4 days and 3 nights is enough time for you to spend in the city.

What Is A Good Time To Visit Kochi?

The best time to visit Kochi is during the winter season. The weather at this time is pleasant and you get to explore all the places and have a relaxing time. Monsoons in the city are inconvenient to travel and summers are extremely hot and humid. So anytime between October and March is a great time to visit Kochi. 

What Luxury Hotels In Kochi Have Nice Views?

Kochi is one of the most beautiful cities in Kerala that attracts a large number of tourists. Some hotels in Kochi have a stunning view of the backwaters while some have a view of nature in the city. Some of the best luxury hotels with nice views in Kochi are Ramada Resort Hotel by Wyndham, Trident Hotel, and Taj Malabar Resort and Spa.

Are Ernakulam And Kochi The Same?

No, they are not the same. But, the city of Kochi is located in the Ernakulam district and is the nearest city to Ernakulam with an International Airport.

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