6 Of The Best Hotels In Pahalgam For A Memorable Stay

You’ve probably seen beautiful paintings of icy mountains and patches of rich green land with a river flowing calmly in the middle. Pahalgam, widely also known as “the land of the shepherds” is an example of art depicting real life.

For the adrenaline junkies, Pahalgam has some of the most scenic treks and camps. For the spiritual souls, Pahalgam is considered the base camp for Amarnath Yatra.

But in order to enjoy all of these places, you’ll first need to have your accommodations sorted. Which is why, to maximize your fun, we’ve handpicked the best hotels in Pahalgam for you!

6 Best Hotels In Pahalgam

  1. Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels, Pine N Peak
  2. Radisson Golf Resort Pahalgam
  3. The Chinar Resort & Spa
  4. Pahalgam Hotel
  5. The Posh Camps
  6. Brown Palace

Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Pine N Peak

Photo Credits: Management/Tripadvsor

Built amongst the pine trees, Pine N Peak is where you want to stay to admire the beauty of Pahalgam. You’d immediately fall in love with the sight of River Lidder and the snow covered mountains from the hotel. The property is on Rajwas Plateau, putting a good distance between you and the routine hubbub of the outside world.

The type of rooms available are extensive. You can choose to live in Superior Rooms, Deluxe Suites, Four Bedroom Cottage Room, Heritage Rooms, Premier Rooms, Khwabgah 1 & 2, Three Bedroom Cottages, and Presidential Duplex Suite. If you’re indecisive, you’ll definitely find yourself in a pickle. Every room is built with the aim to provide you with the best comfort. The wooden interior of the room gives it a hint of antique look. There’s even a bathtub in the bathroom for you to revel in.

You also get to utilize free parking, WiFi, and breakfast, game room, and you can also rent bicycles! If you want to stay curled up in your room, you’re provided with facilities such as a refrigerator, blackout curtains, flatscreen TV, and air conditioning. 

For recreation, there’s the Lidder Amusement Park at a distance of 1.5 km. There is also the Lidder Valley Golf Course only 1.1 km away. 

Rate for One Night: INR 26,550

Radisson Golf Resort Pahalgam

Photo Credit: Management/Tripadvisor

If you think paradise is lost, think again. Radisson Golf Resort is a retreat for nature lovers. The scenic valleys are a breath of fresh air and a treat for the eyes. The modern architecture combined with Kashmiri craftwork makes it a balanced combination between modern and authentic.

Situated near the 18-hole Golf course, it makes Radisson Golf Resort adjacent to one of Kashmir’s popular golf courses. Radisson Golf Resort is also close to the Lidder Valley Golf Course. 

There are a total of 122 rooms which accommodates a good amount of guests. Every window in the room gives you a beautiful view of the mountains or valley. All guests enjoy their own seating area which is a part of every room. You can even select a suite to stay in. The room service is all yours to take advantage of. Radisson Golf Resort has three garden spaces that allow you to soak in your magical surroundings.

Along with free parking, internet, and breakfast, the resort also has a badminton court for the guests who want to play a fun match of badminton. There’s also a gym for people who would like to work out indoors and not on the court. For families traveling with children, the resort provides babysitting services. Who wouldn’t like some personal time with their partner?

Rate For One Night: INR 23,600

The Chinar Resort & Spa, Pahalgam

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On the more hushed side of Pahalgam, The Chinar Resort & Spa is the perfect destination to temporarily flee from your problems.

The rooms are furnished elegantly and the windows have a hypnotic view of the Himalayas. The walls of the rooms are also soundproof (if you know you know). The accommodations are very spacious for a comfortable and leisure stay. There’s also a tea/coffee maker for you to prepare a hot drink and then tuck yourself on the comfy bed to enjoy a late night movie on the TV.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion and want to make it more extraordinary with the scenery, the resort even has banquets for meetings and events. The service provided by the staff of the resort is quick and praiseworthy. 

The property has some very exciting amenities. There’s a yoga room for those who want to get in touch with their spiritual self, and for those who are more inclined towards seeking thrill, there’s trekking and boating made available.

Rate For One Night: INR 15,300

Pahalgam Hotel

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

Pahalgam Hotel is a blockbuster favorite, in quite the literal sense! A lot of the film enthusiasts are quick to recognise the hotel because of many movies being shot in the hotel itself; including Khel Khel Mein starring Rishi Kapoor and a suspense movie Khamosh is Shabana Azmi.  It’s vastly spread throughout the land. It’s one of Kashmir’s most renowned places to stay at. 

With a total of 20 rooms and 25 double bedrooms, the hotel gives some of the finest views of River Lidder. You get to enjoy room service and a flatscreen TV. The rooms have a sort of rustic texture, giving very authentic Pahalgam vibes. They know that the way to people’s heart is their stomach, so the food served at the restaurant of Pahalgam Hotel is one of the best flavors found in all over Pahalgam.

The property looks slightly rugged which adds charm to the history and significance of the place. If you want to know Pahalgam better, staying at Pahalgam Hotel is a must.

You can visit the Pahalgam Valley or check out the Chandanwari Baba Amarnath Tracking point, both of which are close to the hotel. 

Rate For One Night: INR 9,000

The Posh Camps

Photo Credits: Tripadvisor

Imagine sleeping at night with the gentle flowing of the river and when you wake up in the morning, you’re met with the snow-clad mountains. It’s like waking up from a dream to a dream. But we assure you, if you pinch yourself, it’ll definitely hurt because it’s very much real. 

If you want to escape the ordinary and try something new, Pahalgam has tents for you to stay in instead of hotel rooms. It’s definitely the kind of experience that will never leave you. 

Despite the tent accommodation, the luxury is not compromised. You can also enjoy top-notch amenities, and they’re even willing to go an extra mile to pamper their guests.

There’s very thorough security to assure the safety of the guests of the camp. The dining area is made in such a way that it matches the natural aesthetic of the surroundings. The camps have been planned up to the minutest details. Inside the comfy rooms, you’ll also be provided with electrical blankets to keep you warm throughout the night. 

The Posh Camps are the perfect match for the soul who loves a good adventure and a heart that loves nature. 

Rate For One Night: INR 6,228

Brown Palace

Photo Credits: Tripadvisor

If you don’t want to compromise on the quality but also are in search of a budget-friendly hotel in Pahalgam, Brown Palace is the B&B you’re looking for. It is a quaint little hotel on the banks of Lidder River in Laripora.

The rooms include a fireplace along with a flatscreen TV. They’re not the most extraordinary looking, but they’re clean and are aimed at the solo travelers looking for some peace and calm. Plus, most of these travelers spend their entire day trekking and exploring, so they just come back to the hotel to sleep. The home cooked food at Brown Palace will give you the comfort of your home and leave you satisfied. 

Rate For One Night: INR 3,200

Summing Up

A vital part of enjoying Pahalgam is making sure you have an enjoyable stay. Who wouldn’t want their room overlooking the snowy mountains or the lush green valleys or the steady stream of the river?

All of these best hotels in Pahalgam will give you the best living experience of the place. The photographs taken from these places will become your favorite memory for many years to come. 


Is It Good To Stay In Pahalgam?

Yes, especially if you like trekking, camping, hiking and scenic beauty. One of the best places to stay in Pahalgam is the Aru Valley. Besides the tariff, it’s genuinely one of the more scenic stays. 

Is Pahalgam Worth The Visit?

Definitely. Pahalgam valley is popular for its treks and is extremely picturesque. It’s also the base camp for Kolahoi Glacier and Tarsar Lake. For all the thrill seekers, Pahalgam is quite a fun destination to visit.

Is 2 Days Enough In Pahalgam? 

2-3 days are more than enough to spend time in Pahalgam. People who visit Pahalgam mainly go for treks or be in the arms of nature. 

Where Is Mini Switzerland In Kashmir?

Mini Switzerland is in Baisaran Valley which is only 5 km away from Pahalgam. It’s a tourist favorite destination to visit when in Kashmir. 

How Is The Road From Srinagar To Pahalgam?

The quickest and most efficient way to get from Srinagar to Pahalgam is by taking Route 1. It’s the quickest because there are no road closures and frequent traffic on this route from Srinagar to Pahalgam. Additionally, for the most recent information on the road conditions from Srinagar to Pahalgam, constantly check live maps and immediate traffic updates.

NH 501 connects Pahalgam with Srinagar: This beautiful road trip from Srinagar to Pahalgam should be your choice if you want to see the tremendous beauty of cliffs and hills, vibrant gardens, evergreen pine forests, along with snow-laden cliffs. This route covers a distance of around 136 km from Srinagar to Pahalgam, and after a short distance, the NH 501 meets with the NH 44.

What Is Famous In Kashmir To Buy?

Pashmina shawls and blankets, carpets, traditional jewelry, dress material, paper mache products, wooden objects are some of the famous items people buy from Kashmir. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Pahalgam?

March, April, May, and June are the best months to visit Pahalgam because the weather is not extreme and is pleasant. The temperature differs between 11°C and 25°C.