5 Of The Best Bicycling Trips To Take From Kolkata

5 Of The Best Bicycling Trips To Take From Kolkata

Kolkata is a city that celebrates its people, culture, and diverse physiological landscape. From colorful lanes with mouth-watering street foods to artistic buildings that have beautiful histories. Kolkata is more than just a city but rather a whole experience. This is why a lot of people in Kolkata have taken to cycling and we’re here for it! Here are a few places where you can go bicycling around Kolkata:

5 Of The Best Bicycling Trips To Take From Kolkata

  1. Naskar Para To Gopal Ghat
  2. Eco Park
  3. The East Kolkata Wetlands
  4. Bantala
  5. Dhapa Trails

Naskar Para To Gopal Ghat

For the true Kolkata experience, you must explore North Kolkata, which is the oldest part of the city. While you cycle around this part of Kolkata, you’ll get to see many colonial and heritage structures.

Starting from Naskar Para, you need to pedal your way through the many streets (keep in mind that they’re all cycling zones). Along the way, you’ll pass the Royal Palace of Shobhabazar and the sculpting town of Kumartuli. If this 14-kilometer stretch gets tiring, you can relax at Gopal Ghat by the Hooghly River.

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Eco Park

Spread across nearly 2 sq. km. in New Town, Kolkata, Eco Park has the distinction of being the biggest such park in India. It’s also a place that offers a lot of activities for all ages. There are spots for nature walks, picnics, and water activities - all within the city premises. Eco Park surrounds a lake and there’s a track that’s built around it. If you’re looking for an opportunity to cycle along the park and enjoy nature, you can definitely rent a bicycle. Those going along with a friend or a partner can also rent a tandem bicycle.

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Cycling around Eco Park in Kolkata

The East Kolkata Wetlands

Located about 15 kilometers from the heart of Kolkata, the East Kolkata Wetlands consist of marshes and sewage farms. As these wetlands can treat wastewater naturally, they’re known as the ‘Kidney of Kolkata’. Yes, we know that ‘sewage farms’ aren’t something one thinks is a good place to cycle around, but it’s not the case.

You can get away from the chaos and confusion of Kolkata by visiting the East Kolkata Wetlands. Though it is open to the public, not many people know about this place, including locals. There isn’t a proper road here, so you don’t need to worry about vehicular traffic. On the other hand, there is a winding cycling trail on which you can pedal along the many fish ponds and farms.

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The locality of Bantala is located about 20 kilometers away from Kolkata. It’s best known for the Kolkata Leather Complex and the IT park. Once you go out of the city limits, you’ll be greeted by sleepy villages and empty streets. Of course, this makes it a perfect location for cycling around Kolkata.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, you can go off-road and explore the narrow trails by the wetlands. The grassy and tree-lined route along with the many ponds you pedal past would offer you peace and quiet, something that you’re surely seeking after living for months in the chaos of Kolkata.

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Cycling around Bantala

Dhapa Trails

The one who’s looking for a challenge while bicycling around Kolkata should head towards the Dhapa Trails. Located in East Kolkata, the neighborhood of Dhapa is where most of Kolkata’s garbage is dumped. However, it also is a place where the city gets most of its vegetables.

The Dhapa Trails are not something to be taken lightly. You’ve to maneuver the bicycle through a narrow pathway between the vegetable fields. This is a great place to get you acquainted with single-track cycling. Also, the steep inclines and slopes here will have you exercising your quads. While you’re zooming through the winding path, take care to not stray off into the vegetable patches if you don’t want to face the wrath of a farmer!


Is Cycling Allowed In Kolkata?

Yes, cycling is allowed in Kolkata, and in fact, is a new habit adopted by several people. However, cyclists must follow all the rules, particularly keeping to the flow of traffic. They must also avoid arterial roads and the 62 roads listed by the traffic police, found on www.kolkatatrafficpolice.net under Traffic Restrictions.

Is India Safe For Cycling?

Yes, India is safe for cycling, provided you cycle well. India’s streets are notorious for their traffic and speeding vehicles, so make sure you stick to the side of the street. Avoid cycling on footpaths and arterial roads, and stick to the cycling paths if there are any in your city.

Is A 2 Hour Bike Ride Good?

Yes, cycling for two hours is a good amount of time to get fit and feel rejuvenated. However, even cycling for just half an hour at a stretch is also beneficial, as is cycling to your work.

Which Is The Best Month To Visit Kolkata?

October is the best month to visit Kolkata. In addition to the pleasant and cool weather, it’s also the time when Durga Puja is celebrated.

Is Kolkata Safe For Tourists?

Kolkata is a safe city for tourists, and is also rated as one of the safest cities in the country for women. But as with all cities, avoid desolate and shady areas as a general precaution.

Which Is The Coldest Month In Kolkata?

January is when Kolkata is usually the coldest, with an average temperature of 18°C.

Which Hill Station Is Near To Kolkata?

The closest hill station to Kolkata is Siliguri, which is about 575 km away from the city proper.