5 Best Road Trips To Take During Monsoon In India

Road trips can be really fun, relaxing, and lifesavers when things get unbearably mundane. You can go on a short long drive somewhere near your city or you can visit a place far, far away and experience the things you have never experienced before. And with India having absolutely stunning monsoons, going on a road trip with a gentle rain tapping against your window is simply warranted.

Best Road Trips To Take During Monsoon In India

Planning road trips can be tiring. That's why we are here with our top picks for the best road trips to take during monsoon in India!

5 Of The Most Amazing Road Trips To Take During The Monsoons

  1. Mumbai To Goa
  2. Guwahati To Shillong
  3. Udaipur To Mount Abu
  4. Manali To Spiti Valley
  5. Mumbai To Mahabaleshwar

Mumbai To Goa

Goa is a place that every group of friends wants to visit, but what’s overlooked is the scenic route that you’ll be taking when you’re traveling from Mumbai to Goa. And during the monsoon, the charm of the route is only enhanced! Here are two ways you can take that long-awaited trip.

Via NH4

Being an extremely scenic route any time of the year, monsoon further emphasizes the beauty of the greenery throughout this route. But remember, the same monsoon also adds to the difficulty to travel by this route as you’ll have to cross many small mountain passes along your way. You will come across many old-fashioned roads, small mountain passes, and hairpins along the way. This is fine if you're a skilled driver, but, if not, we suggest caution.

Lesser Known Beaches In India To Travel To During Covid, Best Road Trips To Take During Monsoon In India

The Mumbai-Pune Expressway is in itself a beautiful experience. The overall route NH4 is packed with places that you have to visit. Along the way, you can take pit stops in various places such as Khandala to visit Duke's Nose, Tiger's Leap, Rajmachi Point, and Amrutanjan Point.

You’ll also come across Amboli Ghat while traveling by NH4, our suggestion would be to take your time to explore as well as drive through Amboli Ghat calmly and cautiously. Being one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Maharashtra, Amboli can be a great spot to visit, both the village and the mountain pass.

Route Details

Length: 590 km

Duration: 11 hours (excluding breaks)

Route Map: Mumbai—Pune—Satara—Kolhapur—Belgaum—Goa

Note: Mumbai-Pune Expressway is not open to two-wheelers so if you ever want to ride with your bike, you'd need to find an alternative route to get there.

Via NH66

If Konkan during the monsoon isn’t heaven on Earth, we don't know what else is! The sheer amount of greenery, waterfalls, and environmental beauty of this route is inexplicable. While it will already be hard for you not to stop and admire each mile, we recommend you try to make short halts along the way to make your journey more memorable.

You can make pit stops at Panvel itself to visit the Karnala Fort and Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Along the way, you can also take a halt in Kolad as a midway-stop to visit the Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls and Kansai Waterfalls. If you’re more about the journey than the destination, you could consider visiting halting at Dapoli to explore Panhalakaji Caves and the Harnai Port.

A word to the wise, however. NH66 is indeed a beautiful choice for a monsoon road trip. But that’s not to say that the route is easy, especially once you reach the Nipani in Karnataka. Here, the roads turn into a single winding lane with a lot of sharp bends.

Route Details

Length: 577 km

Duration: 12 hours (excluding breaks)

Route Map: Mumbai—Panvel—Pen—Kolad—Khed—Chiplun—Pali—Sawantwadi—Goa

Irrespective of the route you choose, a road trip from Mumbai to Goa during the monsoon will surely be the ‘reset’ button you've been searching for!

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Guwahati To Shillong!

Better known as ‘The Scotland Of The East’, Shillong truly stands up to the reputation this name brings! The beauty of this hill station is nothing but amplified during the beautiful season of monsoon. But what would be better than driving through the winding hills and deep valleys, tea plantations, and many streams? That’s why a trip to Shillong from Guwahati should be something you should consider!

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Via NH6

Packed with scenic vistas, the road from Guwahati to Shillong is too beautiful to resist. Shillong is a hill station and one thing we know about hill stations is that they're famous for their magical misty scenery. But when you’re on a monsoon road trip, mind the fog and low visibility, especially if you’re traveling early in the morning.

The village of Jorabat and Umiam Lake make for great locations for pit stops. The trip from Guwahati to Shillong isn’t too long, but these locations would compel you to pull your car over to the side of the road and soak in the bounties of nature.

Once in Shillong, you can visit the Elephant Falls and let your worries flow away with the sparkling water!

Route Details

Length: 100 km

Duration: 3 hours (excluding breaks)

Route Map: Guwahati—Jorabat—Umiam—Shillong

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Udaipur To Mount Abu!

Udaipur, the City Of Lakes, is a whole new world during the monsoon. The city is filled with greenery with the blue lakes making the perfect contrast to make your heart flutter. The best destination to pair with Udaipur for a road trip in the monsoon is undoubtedly Mount Abu, which prides itself on being the only hill station in Rajasthan.

Via NH27

Although the soothing weather conditions that the monsoon brings in make this perhaps one of the best road trips, you should take note of the fact that if you're not used to driving on curvy roads, maybe you should reconsider this.

Route Details

Length: 163 km

Duration: 3 hours (excluding breaks)

Route Map: Udaipur—Pindwara—Kodarla—Abu Road—Mount Abu

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Manali To Spiti Valley

After exploring the magnificent, snowy wonder, Manali, you must visit Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley is definitely one of the most beautiful yet unexpected places to visit during the monsoon. This place is great for camping, to spend a night under the starlit sky. Spiti Valley is also famous for wildlife viewing and it's ever more flourished during the monsoon.

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Spiti Valley is often denoted as the ‘Little Tibet’ of India due to the mystical vibe of the place and the spiritual essence of its architecture.

Via NH505

Manali and Spiti Valley aren’t too far from each other, but the windy road makes this route incredibly challenging and takes a lot of time. A trip from Manali to Spiti Valley will definitely be an adventure to remember, and equally dangerous if you’re not careful. So don’t try to rush it.

Route Details

Length: 177 km

Duration: 10 hours

Route Map: Manali—Rohtang Pass—Kunzum Pass—Kaza—Spiti Valley

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Mumbai To Mahabaleshwar

To escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai or to explore the land further, Mahabaleshwar is definitely the place to go! This jewel of a place surrounded by calm, beautiful meadows, and the Sahyadri Ranges. Mahabaleshwar is one of the most romantic spots in Maharashtra with particularly beautiful monsoons. So a road trip during the monsoon is a must!

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Via NH66

Although this route is seemingly shorter than NH4, the condition of the road is not good for bike rides. As beautiful as the monsoon feels, it can bring many complications along the way. If you still want to take this route to explore the beautiful scenery along the way without worrying about slippery and muddy roads, we suggest that you travel by Lonavala road till Kolhapur then continue your journey by switching to the Mumbai - Goa Highway ahead.

Route Details

Length: 222 km

Duration: 6 hours (excluding breaks)

Route Map: Mumbai—Panvel—Pen—Kolad—Mahad—Poladpur—Mahabaleshwar

NH4 Via Pune

You’ll see many beautiful places on your way. But just a heads up! This route is comparatively more crowded, so traffic might be a bit of an issue here.

Regardless of what road you choose, we recommend that you take small pit-stops to really enjoy your journey to the fullest.

Route Details

Length: 263 km

Duration: 5 hours (excluding breaks)

Route Map: Mumbai—Pune—Surur—Panchgani—Mahabaleshwar

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How Long Does Indian Monsoon Last?

Monsoon or rainy season in India lasts from June to September. The humid southwest summer monsoon dominates the season, which gradually travels through the country beginning in late May or early June.

How Can I Plan For A Long Road Trip In India?

Here is a set of steps to consider while planning a road trip in India:


  • Make a tentative schedule of days.
  • Research in advance about hotels and hotel rooms you can book to halt in the nights.
  • Make a list of all the necessary things you should carry with you including clothes, chargers, tents, and if necessary, groceries to prepare your own food along the way.

Route Planning

  • Research about the weather conditions (predictions) of your primary route.
  • Figure out a tentative number of kilometers you can travel per day.
  • Make a list of all the halt destinations that you would stay in for the nights.
  • Wear comfortable and weather-suitable clothes while you travel.

What To Carry

  • Pack a first aid kit and general medication with your luggage.
  • Carry enough cash
  • Carry safety equipment and a good torchlight.
  • Take proper rest before you decide to hop into your car.
  • Get your "on-route" playlist ready and drive safe.

How Do I Prepare My Car For A Long Trip?

Here is a set of steps on how to prepare your car for a long trip:

Fix Your Car

  • Change the oil and filter.
  • Change the air filter.
  • Clean out the cabin air filter to avoid any kind of odor coming from the vents.
  • Clean your car completely both from the inside and the outside.

Take Precautions

  • Always keep your fuel tank full. Don't risk getting stuck with low fuel levels.
  • Have a spare tire.
  • Make sure your seatbelts are sturdy and all set to travel.
  • Don't overload your car. Try to avoid putting luggage over your car

Make A List Of Things To Carry:

  • Carry garbage bags.
  • Bring lots of towels and cleaning agents to keep your car clean.
  • Keep a spare key to your car and carry it inside your wallet to avoid getting locked out of the car.
  • Prepare your sun protectors and sunglasses.
  • Carry your tire iron and jack.
  • Carry a toolbox with you.
  • Carry all the necessary cables to charge phones, auxiliary, usb, camera chargers, etc.
  • Carry a lot of water with you both to drink and for your car.

What Time Of The Day Is Best To Travel By Car On A Long Trip?

Make sure you travel as early in the morning as possible to beat the rush. Don't force yourself into driving at night; try to be as safe as possible. Prepare your car to travel at night and hit the road at the crack of dawn.

Which Indian State Has The Best Roads?

According to a survey, Karnataka has the best roads in the country.

Which State In India Has Highest Road Accidents?

Tamil Nadu is said to have the highest road accidents in the country.

Where Is The Golden Triangle In India?

The Golden Triangle is not a destination, but specifically, it's a shape that marks the important landmarks of Northern India. You have New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur forming this triangular shape, which is famously known as "The Golden Triangle."

Can I Travel All India With My Car?

Yes, only you need to get your licenses, permits, and documents in check for you to be good to go.

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