5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon

5 Best Bike Trips Near Mumbai In The Monsoon

If you’re a Mumbaikar, you’re only too aware of how the monsoons are like here. No, we’re not talking about the waterlogged streets and delayed trains here! But rather how refreshing and cool the city feels after the unrelenting summers. Some of us may be content to stay at home with a steaming cup of chai and a plate of bhajjis, watching the rain tap against your window. But for the motorcycle riders, it’s a call to adventure!

5 Best Bike Trips Near Mumbai

  1. Pelhar Lake/ Dam
  2. Khandala - Lonavala
  3. Alibaug
  4. Malshej Ghat
  5. Matheran

Weekend Trips From Mumbai During Covid, 5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon

So without much further ado, let's get into it. Here are our top picks for bike trips near Mumbai in the monsoon!

Pelhar Lake / Dam

Sitting in the lap of the hills of Tungareshwar National Park, Pelhar Lake is the best spot to have a small, cozy picnic with your buddies. The lake was created after a dam was built over the tributary of the Amba River in 1975, and over the years, it has become a hidden destination for bike trips near Mumbai during monsoon.

Any place with water is instantly more beautiful. There is just something so beautiful, so magnificent about the neverending view of the sky colliding with the water. The beautiful reflection of the hues of the sunset makes Pelhar Dam look ever-so-beautiful in the evening. Being here for a getaway will make you feel the way you've never felt about any other place before.

This place is famous for being encircled by the Tungareshwar Hill where the Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is located. This place is home to animals like bunnies, panthers, hogs, and foxes. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this place will be the perfect getaway for you! Just make sure that you carry enough food and water with you when visiting this place.

Via Western Expressway And NH 48

This route becomes extremely jammed during the afternoon; you should leave early in the morning to get ahead of the traffic. Make sure you leave around 6 or 7 am.

Route Details

Length: 52 km

Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Route Map: Mumbai – Borivali – Varsova Bridge – Navghar – Pelhar – Pelhar Dam Road

Via Eastern Expressway And NH48

This is the longer one of the two routes. Being one of the most important and busiest roads in Mumbai, this road is going to be fairly crowded. Make sure you hit the road before the traffic hits you.

Route Details

Length: 52 km

Duration: 2 hrs

Route Map: Mumbai – Thane – Varsova Bridge – Navghar – Pelhar – Pelhar Dam Road

Even though you might be very excited to get to your destination as soon as possible, being patient is the only way to get there. Pelhar Dam is undoubtedly beautiful during monsoon, the lake is completely filled with water around late July and August. But the catch is, the road leading to the dam from the village is inaccessible during monsoon due to heavy mudding. You may have to park your bike somewhere in the village then walk up to the dam.

Note: Be careful while visiting the wildlife sanctuary and nearby places as foxes can often be spotted outside or nearby the sanctuary. Ride your bike carefully while visiting for both your and their safety.

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We have to mention the classics right away! After all, who doesn't want to have a piece of delicious Chikki right now? We sure do. These two destinations are famous for their serenity, soothing weather, and their captivating beauty. Although traveling from Mumbai to Pune is always refreshing, the famous Mumbai-Pune Expressway is not open to two-wheelers, so make sure you travel by the old Mumbai - Pune Highway.

Glamping Around Mumbai During Covid, 5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon

Lonavala is 85 km from Mumbai, so it shouldn't take you too long to get there. Khandala lies just 5 km away from Lonavala… So… two birds! There’s a lot to do in these two towns. If you’re visiting for a monsoon ride as well as a weekend getaway, you can also enjoy activities like trekking, camping, waterfall rappelling, exploring the wide open, beautiful farms, and the verdant hills of Khandala-Lonavala.

5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon, lonavala, khandala

Via Old Mumbai - Pune Highway

As two-wheelers are not allowed on the new Mumbai - Pune Expressway, you will have to travel by the old Mumbai - Pune highway. Make sure that you check your location in bike mode as there’s a fair chance that you may mistakenly climb the Kalamboli Bridge and enter the Expressway.

It will be better if you travel in broad daylight, early in the morning or before evening. Avoid traveling after 10 am to avoid the traffic of the trucks and any mishaps due to the low visibility. The road has a decent amount of hairpin turns and once you reach the Khandala Ghat, you’ll have to be careful about the trucks and other bikers. Drive safely and carefully without rushing on sharp turns and you’ll be just fine.

Make sure you fill up your fuel tank before Khopoli as you’ll not find another petrol pump before reaching Lonavala.

Route Details

Length: 85 km

Duration: 1 hr 40 min

Route Map: Mumbai Panvel Khopoli Khandala Ghat Lonavala

Monsoon is hands-down the best time to visit these charming destinations! The beauty of Lonavala is at its best after the first showers of the rain.

Note: We know that riding through the Khandala mountain pass during the monsoon is exciting and mesmerizing. But do not let the beautiful mystic scenery of Khandala mislead you. Make sure you don't ride while there's heavy rain because it can be dangerous.

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Who hasn't been here already? Everyone loves Alibaug and for good reasons. It’s an extremely romantic place and many couples come here to spend some memorable moments by the beach under the endless blue of the sky, lying down looking at the calm sea.

Glamping Around Mumbai During Covid,alibaug, 5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon

Although it is famous as a romantic getaway point, you can always take a relaxing solo bike ride here. There is nothing better than riding your bike alongside the rivers and the sea to catch the beautiful view of the sunset.

Via Panvel

You will need to drive to Panvel and then take the Mumbai - Goa Highway. Drive up to Vadkhal Naka, then continue straight and take the left turn towards Goa. The road will be pretty simple throughout, you can use maps to navigate, whenever you need to do so. The journey will be about 3 hours long so you have a lot of time to make small pit stops along the way. You can visit tourist spots like Karnala Fort, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Belapur Fort Watchtower along the way if you're not in a rush to reach Alibaug.

Route Details

Length: 95 km

Duration: 3 hr

Route Map: Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Alibaug

Via NH 66

This is the most common route preferred by commuters to travel from Mumbai to Alibaug. That also makes it a more crowded route. To ditch the traffic, make sure you travel early in the morning. If you are worried you'd still get stuck in traffic, you can switch to the Khoni Taloja route to reach Kalamboli if there is traffic on Shilphata road.

Being one of the busiest roads, there is an ample amount of hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps, and garages on this route.

Route Details

Length: 96 km

Duration: 2 hr 30 min

Route Map: Mumbai – Vashi Bridge – Sanpada – Panvel – Pen – Alibaug 

Via Bengaluru - Mumbai Highway

This is the road less traveled among these two. Naturally, there is less traffic, but with that, there are fewer restaurants, food joints, petrol pumps etc. So make sure you carry enough food and fill up your fuel tank completely before taking this route. This is the best route for those of you who hate traffic and like to take their time while they ride.

On the bright side, you will come across many scenic views while riding by this road, maybe even get to enjoy the sunset against the backdrop of the beautiful Patalganga River on your way if you're traveling in the evening.

Route Details

Length: 122 km

Duration: 3 hr 8 min

Route Map: Mumbai – Vashi Bridge – Sanpada – Kamothe – Kumbhivali – Rasayani – Poynad – Alibaug

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Malshej Ghat

Standing in the presence of hundreds of waterfalls adjoining the mountain pass, Malshej Ghat is a beautiful world within itself. Monsoon further emphasizes the charm of this greenery-filled heaven.

Mesmerizing Ambience Of Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra,5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon

Sitting amidst the majestic Sahyadri Ranges, this hill station is filled with green hills and innumerable running waterfalls during the monsoon, making for a bike ride from Mumbai worth remembering. The roads, however, can be quite treacherous, so you’ll need to exercise caution while winding through them, but the views will be totally worth it!

In addition to this, Malshej Ghat is famous among nature enthusiasts too because every year in the monsoon, flamingos come here all the way from Europe. Malshej is rich with flora and fauna and every year during the monsoon, many more species of both plants and birds can be spotted here.

Mesmerizing Ambience Of Malshej Ghat, Maharashtra

You can do a number of activities while visiting Malshej. Go trekking, hiking, bird watching, meditating, or just let the captivating beauty of this majestic Ghat rejuvenate you inside out.

Via Eastern Express Highway

Being a busy and important road for commuters, Eastern Express Highway is often crowded in the afternoon. So we recommend you hit the road early in the morning.

If you're a newbie, we recommend you choose a time when it's not raining too much to avoid slippery roads.

Route Details

Length: 130 km

Duration: 3 hrs 30 min

Route Map: Mumbai – Thane – Kalyan Phata – Murbad – Shivale – Saralgaon – Tokawade – Malshej

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Matheran: "Forest on the Forehead", the meaning of the name is just as mystical and intriguing as the place itself. Matheran is about 83 km from Mumbai. It’s famous for its rich collection of beautiful and diverse vantage points. Some of the best ones are One Tree Hill Point, Echo Point, Panorama Point, Porcupine Point, King George Point, Monkey Point, Lousia Point, Rambaug Point, Hart Point, and so on.

5 Best Bike Trips To Take Near Mumbai In The Monsoon, matheran

What makes Matheran unique is that it's famous as Asia's Only Automobile Free Hill Station. That might make you wonder why it’s on the list of best bike trips near Mumbai in the monsoon. It’s because the journey to Matheran is just as beautiful as the destination, so we’d rather you don’t miss out on it!

Matheran is declared as an eco-sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forest. Matheran is an extremely beautiful, offbeat hill station in Maharashtra and is home to the only toy train in Maharashtra. Known as the Matheran Light Railway and connecting Neral to Matheran, this might arguably be one of the best things to experience in this hill station.

Via Neral - Badlapur Road

For the most part, this is a pretty safe route to get there. The route crosses via the Neral- Badlapur Road. One thing you should remember is as the destination approaches you may face curvy turns. Towards the end of the journey, the road condition worsens because of the mud and potholes in the monsoon.

Route Details

Length: 84 km

Duration: 3 hrs

Route Map: Mumbai – Thane – Kalyan – Badlapur – Neral – Matheran

Via Badlapur - Katai Road

Similar to the previous route, this route can be a bit unpleasant to ride. Especially in the monsoon, the condition of the road worsens with the heavy rain and mudding.

Route Details

Length: 80 km

Duration: 3 hr

Route Map: Mumbai – Kolegaon – Badlapur – Neral – Matheran

Via NH 48

This is the longest route to reach Matheran from Mumbai and hence preferred by most bikers to enjoy the journey to the fullest. You will come across many picturesque views while traveling by this road. So we suggest that you make small pit stops to enjoy and take photographs of the beautiful monsoon scenery.

Route Details

Length: 86 km

Duration: 3 hrs 15 min

Route Map: Mumbai – Vashi – Wahal – Shedung – Karjat – Neral – Matheran

Regardless of whatever path you choose for your journey, once you reach the entrance to Matheran, you’ll have to park your bike somewhere safe and switch to a hand-pulled rickshaw, cycle, or a horse ride to get to the hill station itself. This hill station is an eco-sensitive region, so no private vehicles are allowed here. You can always make it into a trek and climb your way up through the beautiful mountain pass and explore its beauty in the monsoon up close.

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Where To Go For A Weekend Getaway In Mumbai?

Except for the places mentioned in the article, you can go to the following places for a weekend getaway: Karnala, Vasind, Karjat, Silvassa, Igatpuri, Daman, Panchgani.

What Are Some Good Places To Go For A Long Drive From Mumbai Within 100 Km?

Lonavala, Khandala, Pelhar Dam, Alibaug, as mentioned above, are within 100 km range of Mumbai. Besides these, you can visit Elephanta Caves, Arnala, Manori Beach, Karnala, Panvel, Prabalgad Fort, Kanheri Caves, Maval, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort Trek, and Durshet.

On What Roads In Mumbai Are Two Wheelers Not Allowed?

Except for Mumbai - Pune Expressway, two-wheelers are also not allowed on the following roads:

Bandra - Worli Sea Link, Eastern Freeway, BKC - Chunabhatti Flyover, JJ Flyover, Sahar Elevated Access Road to the International Airport, and a few more.

What Are Some Famous Places In Mumbai To Visit?

Some famous places in Mumbai are Marine Drive, Elephanta Caves, Victoria Terminus, and Film City.

What Street Food Is Famous In Mumbai?

Some famous dishes in Mumbai are Batata Vada, Vada Pav, Bhel Puri, and Ragda Pattice.

What Are Some Famous Sweets In Mumbai?

Some famous sweets you can relish on while you're in Mumbai are anarsa, basundi, doodhpak, kaju katli, shankarpali, shrikhand and sutar feni.

What Is The Language Of Mumbai?

Marathi is the language primarily spoken in Mumbai. Apart from that, English and Hindi are also the main languages spoken by the locals in Mumbai.

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