10 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Pushkar

Rajasthan is filled with rich culture and delicious food and Pushkar is a fine place to experience them together. The small city of Rajasthan is undoubtedly big when it comes to celebrations, beauty, and delicacies. Many travelers flock around Pushkar, especially during the Pushkar fair and weekends to experience the glory at its finest. 

Pushkar is known for many things and the restaurants and food happen to be in the list as well. Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes in Pushkar so you can plan your trip better.

10 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Pushkar

  1. La Pizzaria 
  2. Hugs&Mugs Cafe
  3. Funky Monkey Cafe& Garden Restaurant 
  4. Laura’s Cafe 
  5. Marco’s
  6. Small Plates
  7. Amigo Mango Garden Restaurant
  8. Abbiocco
  9. Road House The Restaurant 
  10. Rainbow Roof Top Restaurant 

1. La Pizzaria 

Especially known for their mouth-watering pizzas, this branch of La Pizzario also hits a home run in the department aesthetics. La Pizzeria is located at a prime location in Pushkar which makes it an extremely accessible place. They are also known for their lavish breakfast buffet so if you’re an easy riser fancying a luxurious breakfast, this should be your place. 

Other than the pizzas, you can also check out their great variety of vegetarian food options that includes pasta, hummus, and beverages  There are indoor and outdoor seating options available so you can choose where you want to sit depending on the weather and your vibe. 

Must-Try Dishes: Pizza, hummus, red pasta, mocktails, and lasagne. 

Address: Varah ghat, Choti Basti.

Budget Approximation: INR 600 (for two)

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2. Hugs & Mugs Cafe

One of the cutest cafes on our list, Hugs & Mugs definitely lives up to its name. It’s a cozy little place with wooden aesthetics and modest seating. The place is especially known for its pizzas.

So if you’re like Joey, who doesn't like to share food, you can go here and treat yourself to affordable yet delicious pizzas and drinks. The staff gives you a homely vibe and the service is fast, basically a perfect place to create some good memories over food.

Must-Try Dishes: Sandwiches, pizzas, shakes, and coffee

Address: Hugs & Mugs Cafe, near Dr. Shyama Bagh Memorial Hospital, NH58.

Budget Approximation: INR 300 (for two)

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10 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Pushkar

3. Funky Monkey Cafe & Garden Restaurant

Another fun, funky, and budget cafe on our list, this cafe is all about nature and good food. It’s a garden-style cafe where you’ll find indoor and outdoor seating options. The exterior might look humble but the food variety is anything but basic. 

From woodfire pizzas to fancy Greek salads, you’ll find all sorts of great vegetarian food options here. It’s one of those homely places where you can spend hours snacking, chatting, and admiring the beauty. They also have free wifi, so in case it’s a workation, you’ll be sorted! 

Must-Try Dishes: Woodfire pizza, falafel, hummus, and greek salad 

Address: Jamni kund road, Choti Basti.

Budget Approximation: INR 800 (for two)

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4. Laura’s Cafe

A rooftop cafe can be the best setting to fully absorb a city’s essence and Laura’s cafe offers you exactly that. It’s a homely little rooftop cafe that represents the simplistic beauty of Pushkar. 

The blue and white walls remind you of the uncomplicated times while the tasty food makes you feel grateful for the present. It’s a perfect place if you crave simple, authentic, and quiet places. The service can be a bit slow so make sure you’re not in a hurry because the ambiance and food will definitely be worth it. 

Must-Try: Pizza, pasta, beverages, salad 

Address: Main market road, Choti Basti.

Budget Approximation: INR 500 (for two)

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5. Marco’s

If you’re looking for a place with great vibes, live music, and delicious food, Marco’s will fit the criteria well. It’s a family-run cafe known for its soul-pleasing food and calming ambiance. Located in the main area of Pushkar, this cafe is surrounded by nature’s goodness.

The owners and staff are known for being extremely kind and friendly while the menu can give you international variety. If you visit the place during the night, be ready to be mesmerized by gorgeous fairy lights and neon signs. All in all, it is definitely a gem that’ll make for a wonderful addition to your Pushkar travel reels.

Must-Try: Butter pancakes, fruity quinoa, quesadilla, and risotto  

Address: Pachkund road, Choti Basti.

Budget Approximation: INR 800 (for two)

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10 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Pushkar

6. Small Plates

This is one of the most unique restaurants in Pushkar. It’s a concept-based luxury restaurant where every corner can be a wonderful fit for your Instagram aesthetic. The interior looks straight out of Pinterest with its pastel and tropical theme. 

It’s on the slightly expensive end of the spectrum but trust us, the experience will be worth it. They have an extremely interesting menu with uniquely named dishes ranging from Italian, and Continental to Chinese and Indian snacks. Small plates will definitely exceed your big expectations with their courteous staff, fast service, and incomparable taste. 

Must-Try: Homemade ravioli pasta, magic shrooms, and bagel sandwiches

Address: Panchkund Road, Choti Basti

Budget Approximation: INR 1400 (for two)

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7. Amigo Mango Garden Restaurant

Amigo means friends and this will be a perfect place to hang out with your buddies. Amigo Mango is a new garden restaurant located in the prime part of the town. The place has an old-world charm with wooden interiors and seating. You’ll find indoor and outdoor seating options available and hey, there’s no dearth of plants and greenery. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that not only they’ve got an extensive menu filled with delicious food items, but their dishes also have intriguing names. It’s an affordable restaurant that'll be perfect for catching up with friends while enjoying good food. The services are fast and the food is fresh, so, th next time you’re in town, definitely check it out.

Must-Try: Russian salad, french fries, sex on the moon, and falafel

Address: Jaipur Ghat, Sunset road, Choti Basti

Budget Approximation: INR 800 (for two)

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8. Abbiocco - Hotel Brahma Horizon 

Abbiocco is located in one of the most luxurious hotels in Mumbai and the café doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fancy restaurant that’ll be perfect for special occasions or moments where you want to splurge. The restaurant has poshly lit interiors with indoor and outdoor seating options. While the indoor seating is all about fine dining and elegant interiors in a dimly lit setting, the outdoor seating has poolside seating for you to chill and eat. 

If you’re looking for authentic Rajasthani food in Pushkar, you can definitely try the Rajasthani thali, daal baati churma, or gatte ki sabzi here. There’s a separate smoking area as well. It’s a high-end restaurant that’ll not disappoint you with its courteous staff, bougie interiors, and quick services.

Must-Try: Russian salad, cigar  rolls, spring rolls, and dahi ke kebab 

Address: Panch Kund Road, Choti Basti, Pushkar

Budget Approximation: INR 1500 (for two)

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10 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Pushkar

9. Roadhouse The Restaurant

Roadhouse is a nicely constructed cafe especially popular for its desserts. The second you’ll enter the restaurant, it’ll give you a royal feel with its interior. It’s located right next to the Dharma Camel Safari which is one of the main attractions in Pushkar. 

So, once you’re done with the touristy things and hunger hits, visit the place for its good food, great hospitality, and affordable rates.

Must-Try: Desserts, beverages, rajasthani thali, and shakes

Address: Near Shyama Bagh hospital, Choti Basti

Budget Approximation: INR 500 (for two)

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10. Rainbow Roof Top Restaurant

A rainbow is filled with colors and this place is filled with a variety of delicious food. It’s a rooftop restaurant that’ll offer you one of the best views of the city of Pushkar. The seating is a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional where there are comfortable chairs at the same time as Rajasthani floor seating. 

You'll find a variety of food options to select from and potions are great for affordable rates. The owner is warm and the staff is friendly and courteous while offering you fast services. Be prepared to witness monkeys playing and clear lake views while you enjoy your fresh meals. 

Must-Try: Beverages, desserts, Israeli, and Chinese 

Address: Near Yagya Ghat, Badi Basti.

Budget Approximation: INR 700 (for two)

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Summing Up

Food makes it easier to digest any challenging moments and Pushkar is definitely a great setting to do that. We’re certain that our 10 best restaurants and cafes in Pushkar will save you the time you generally spend discussing and wondering about where to go and eat. 


What Is The Famous Food Of Pushkar?

Daal baati churma, kachori, poha jalebi, gatte ki sabzi, and sev tamatar are some of the most famous food of Pushkar.

Is Zomato Available In Pushkar?

Zomato and other food services are available in Pushkar but they’re limited to only selected restaurants. We’ll suggest you go out and explore the city while trying the local food items.

What Is Special About Pushkar?

Pushkar is known for organizing the world’s largest camel fair which attracts tourists from all over the world. Other than that, Pushkar is also known for its religious significance, heritage, and lakes. 

What Should I Wear In Pushkar?

Pushkar can get pretty hot in summer so wear breathable light fabrics if you’re visiting during the sunny season. Winters are extremely cold so sweaters and jackets should be your look. The point is, wear something that is seasonally appreciated and makes you feel comfortable. 

Can You Drink Alcohol In Pushkar?

Pushkar is an alcohol-free city where alcohol is completely banned due to religious reasons. You might find magic lassi in some of the cafes but that’s the extent of booze you’ll get.

How Many Days Are Enough For Pushkar?

Puskar is perfect for a weekend getaway. It’s a small place that can be easily explored in two to three days. 

Is Pushkar Safe At Night?

Pushkar is a small town and the thing about Indian small towns is that they're extremely homely. People are friendly and kind to strangers which is why it’s pretty safe even when the sun goes down.

Is Pushkar A Vegetarian City?

Pushkar is an extremely religious city filled with amazing restaurants and cafés serving vegetarian food. It’s known as a completely vegetarian Indian city, so non-veg lovers might get disappointed because the holy city doesn’t even serve eggs in the majority of the places.