1 Day Trips From Kochi

Kochi, lovingly called the Queen of Arabian Sea, is a proper tourist destination. You will find travelers from all over the country gathering in this city at all times of the year. Thankfully, this city has quite a few places around itself that aren’t as crowded. Discover some of the best 1 day trips from Kochi that you cannot afford to miss them.

1 Day Trips From Kochi

  1. Athirappilly Waterfalls
  2. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary And Bhoothathankettu
  3. Cherai Beach
  4. Kumarakom
  5. Marottichal
  6. Kumbalangi
  7. Fort Kochi
  8. Alleppey

1. Athirappilly Waterfalls

The first spot in this blog is one that takes you away from the touristy crowds of the city and puts you in the company of nature. Athirapally Waterfalls, located about 67 kms away from Kochi, is in the calming-yet-exhilarating company of lush green forests and rivers that are centered around this cascading waterfall.

This waterfall is fed by a river called Chalakudy and is about eighty feet in height. You can swim in the river below, but we recommend you to avoid bathing in the falling water. The river experiences sudden surges of water and that can do some serious damage. That being said, you will find lifeguards keeping an eye on the people. So, you have an added layer of safety.

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend all your time in the water, you can follow one of the many trails and explore the forest. Vazhachal Waterfalls are only about 5 kms from Athirapally and the views from there are worth the trek. Speaking of the views, both of the spots discussed here are a movie-maker’s favorites. If you’re lucky, you might get to see the next blockbuster being shot there.

Distance from Kochi: 67 km

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2. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary And Bhoothathankettu

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary often tops the list of places a birdwatcher or ornithologist must visit. In fact, the renowned ornithologist Salim Ali visited the place enough times to give it the nickname of Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. A wide variety of birds like the Great Indian Hornbill, the Ceylon Frogmouth, Collared Scops Owl, and another 497 species approximately, call this place home. So, we doubt anybody would have a hard time falling in love with it.

You can take your bird watching excursion one level higher by hiring one of the bamboo rafts to take you closer to the water birds. Although, if you’re thinking of things to do after you’re done bird watching, you can visit the Bhoothathankettu Dam.

This dam is located about ten kilometers away from the bird sanctuary and the trek to get there is an exciting one. That being said, the excitement only goes upward once you get there because of the stories attached to this location. It is said that this dam, in the middle of the forest, was built by ‘Bhootams’, or spirits, with only rocks in a single night. This story also gives Bhoothathankettu Dam its name. Spooky, isn’t it?

Distance from Kochi: 65 km

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1 Day Trips From Kochi

3. Cherai Beach

It is only fair that “The Princess of the Arabian Sea”, also known as Cherai Beach, lives so close to the geographical queen of the same sea. This beach is filled with golden sands that shine under the sun rays every sunset and is one of the most peaceful places you can visit. The waters here are calm and shallow, making it ideal for taking a dip. The coconut groves in the background that dance in the mellow winds are a great incentive to visit the beach too!

Moreover, this area is often visited by dolphins. While they won’t come and play with the swimmers, watching them up close is a treat. After all the swimming and chilling in the water, you can take a walk along the beach and collect the unique seashells scattered around you. Given all the enthralling, relaxing, and otherwise awesome things available on this beach, it is no surprise that it is one of the most-visited beaches in Kerala.

Distance from Kochi: 34 km

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4. Kumarakom

This hypnotizing backwater village is a must-visit if you’re in Kochi. The village itself is laid on a bunch of islands in the Vembanad lake, which gives this place its nickname “the Queen of Vembanad”. Other than the village, Kumarakom also houses a bird sanctuary that sees a number of exotic and rare birds every year. Depending on when you go, you might find birds like herons, teals, egrets, waterfowls, darters, cuckoos, and wild ducks, along with a few migratory birds flocking this lake.

This laidback backwater destination is the ideal place for a relaxing getaway. You can find accommodations ranging from government-run resorts to the big names, like Taj, near Kumarakom. You can also find activities like boating, fishing, staying in a houseboat, and riding traditional rice barges called Kettuvallams readily available. The availability of these many idyllic activities is one of the biggest reasons we recommend this spot to you.

Distance from Kochi: 50 km

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1 Day Trips From Kochi

5. Marottichal

Marottichal is an idyllic village that lives about 15 km from Thrissur. It is a beautiful place that is surrounded by forests of the same name. These forests house a beautiful 4 km long trail that is untouched and serves some of the best trekking experiences to everyone that visits.

The trail starts at Olakkayam Waterfalls and goes through the lush forests of Marottichal to take you to the Ilanjippara falls. While the former tends to get crowded, the latter is much more serene and you can also take a dip in the waters here. However, be advised that this waterfall tends to get rather aggressive every now and then, so swimming can be risky.

Regardless of whether you choose to swim or not, a stroll through the forest to the top of the waterfall is something you must experience. You get the views of the tree tops that line the entire area along with the cascading waterfall right below your feet.

If you do visit this place, make sure that you leave with enough time to get back to civilization before the sun sets. The area gets pretty isolated and doesn’t have proper lighting, making it very risky to wander through the night.

Distance from Kochi: 84 km

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6. Kumbalangi

Located about 15 km from the city of Kochi, Kumbalangi is a small island-village that is tucked away from the crowds of Kochi. This village quickly made a rapport for itself after Kerala government decided to turn it into a model fishing town in 2003.

This model village is enveloped with an array of Chinese fishing nets that stand tall as evidence of the strong aquatic life. The land and the sea are separated by a healthy layer of mangroves which also serve as breeding grounds for small fish, prawns, crabs, and other marine animals.

When you visit this place, you will find about ten houses and very friendly people that offer rooms to visitors. These friendly people also offer visitors an insight into the lives of the fishermen by taking them on rounds aboard their fishing boats, teaching them how to bait-fish, and showing the natural beauty that surrounds this village.

Another attraction in Kumbalangi is the artist’s village that is being developed. It’s called ‘Kalagraman’ and is located inside Kumbalangi itself. It will have traditional fishing equipment and handicrafts that have been a part of the local culture. God’s Own Country is truly filled with many peaceful nooks and crannies and this is one that supersedes almost all others.

Distance from Kochi: 15 km

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1 Day Trips From Kochi

7. Fort Kochi

Located at the end of the city of Kochi, Fort Kochi is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. It is a beautiful amalgamation of Dutch, Indian, and British cultures. There are many bits and pieces of this fort that were added by the people who ruled over it. One of the many things that sets this destination apart is that on the water-facing end, you will find chinese fishing nets propped up.

Some of the monuments that you must check out in Fort Kochi are the St. Francis Church, Dutch Palace, Paradesi Synagogue, and Princess Street. When you do visit these places, we recommend reading up on the buildings as you come across them. They have histories that are deep rooted into the fort and manage to tell tales of a few centuries.

The fort is also lined with many shops that sell souvenirs and handicrafts that you can carry to cherish the memories of this place. While the fort itself transports you to a time passed long ago, the concept of time is further skewered by the people. The shops that line the streets run at their own idyllic pace and after the maddening crowds of Kochi, it will take some getting used to it.

Distance from Kochi: 5 km

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8. Alleppey

Alleppey, or Alappuzha, can seem rather chaotic when you get off the bus at the center of the city. However, as you start wandering in any direction away from there, this city turns into one of the most beautiful spots in Kerala. There is a beautiful beach on the west and a network of backwaters that has essentially become infused with the city. Aptly, Alleppey is often called the “Venice of the East.”

The backwaters are the biggest attraction in this city, and for good reason! These backwaters house more than a thousand houseboats that you can rent out and stay in. These boats, with all of their latest amenities, gives you all the creature comforts of technology while putting you in a very old-school environment.

These houseboats take you through some of the most calming and laidback canals that are surrounded by deep green forests. Moreover, a lot of the banks of these backwaters are lined with coconut trees, giving a beautiful backdrop to your idyllic wanderings.

Another place that you must check out when you’re in the area is Alleppey Beach. It serves views of the many boats that dock at the 137 year-old pier that extends off of the beach. Right alongside the pier is a lighthouse that was built back in the 17th century by the Portuguese. These two artifacts from different times in the past add grace to the beach that is incomparable.

Lastly, while you’re checking the city between the beach and the backwaters, you have more than enough things to keep you engulfed in Alappuzha. You can stay well within the city limits and still keep company to the village life with all its paddy fields, hamlets, rice barges, punted canoes, and toddy shops. Alleppey is a combination of chill things and the only way it’ll make sense is if you go there to see it for yourself.

Distance from Kochi: 53 km

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1 Day Trips From Kochi

Summing Up

There are many beautiful places surrounding the “Queen of Arabian Sea”, and now you know some of the best destinations from where you can take 1 day trips from Kochi. There are some places that are proper tourist destinations with crowds to convince you of it, while there are other places where you get the space to be in your own company. So, when are you going?


How Can I Spend One Day In Kochi?

Kochi itself is home to many historical and cultural monuments. The best way to spend a day there would be to hang out with a local to show you the best spots like Thrikkakara Temple, Marine Drive, and the Bolgatty Palace.

Is There An Island Near Kochi?

Yes! There is a man-made island close to the city of Kochi. It is named Willingdon Island, after the then viceroy of India.

Is One Day Enough For Kochi?

Given the amount of things to experience and places to see, anything less than two days won’t be enough for the city of Kochi.

How Far Is Alleppey From Kochi?

Alleppey is about 53 km away from Kochi.

Is Kumarakom Better Or Alleppey?

Alleppey is a proper town with all the comforts and crowds of one. On the other hand, Kumarakom is much more rural and home to the mellower options. So, depending on what kind of a getaway you’re looking for, either place will be ideal for that trip.

What Is Special About Fort Kochi?

Fort Kochi is the first European township in India. It is home to history spanning over 2000 years and has historical monuments, a vibrant culture, and all the doings of a relaxed vacation.

Is Kumbalangi Worth Visiting?

Since its conversion into a model fishing village, Kumbalangi has the perfect combination of tourist attractions and a sneak-peek into a rural fisherman’s life, making it absolutely worth visiting.

What Is Special About Cherai Beach?

Cherai Beach is famous for its images of the chinese fishing nets propped into the sand and the beautiful green covering surrounding the beach itself.